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Commencing The Mechanics Of Dismemberment

by Numbered With The Transgressors

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released November 23, 2014

All Songs (c) 2015 Numbered With The Transgressors.
All Rights Reserved
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by
Numbered With The Transgressors 2015
(c) 2015 SkyBurnsBlack Records



all rights reserved


Numbered With The Transgressors Murfreesboro, Tennessee

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Track Name: Commencing The Mechanics Of Dismemberment
Global Awakening, Ending Draws Near
Apocalyptic visions Being Fulfilled
Bring Armageddon
Great Monuments, Laid To Waste
Murder And Deceit Have It’s Way
In A World Of Carnal Debauchery
Life’s Grip Broken By This New Order
When Did We Create This Eternity
Monstrosity, Animosity
This Catastrophic Wasteland
Manipulating And Festering
Upon A Dying Humanity
Commencing The Mechanics
Of Dismemberment
Track Name: Murderous Initiation
Watching As The Suffering Proceeds
Slaughter And Obliteration
Is This Helplessness
We Watch It All Die
The Human Heart Craving The Vile
We Bury This World Alive
Savagely Ripped Apart
This Is Carnal
This Is Iniquity
Murderously Initiated
The Rotting Commences
Will We See A Change
Or Inhabit This Desecration
Track Name: On The Autopsy Table
Lifeless Body On The Table
An Empty Mortal Shell
Once Treasured And Trusted
Now Deceased Without Warning
Every Minute In Time
Leading To This Moment

First Incision Made
Opened To Reveal
The Cause Of This Demise
Entrails Exposed
Conducting Studies To Follow
Analysis Confirmed
This Was Just Your Life

Body Drained, Emptied Out
Preparation For Burial
Gazing Eyes Upon You
As You Lower Into The Ground

Is This The End
Or Did You Hope For More
Was Mortality Made Eternal
Or Was It Just A Myth
Too Late To Question
Things Beyond The Grave
Cycle Of Life Proceeds
What Choices Will Be Made
Track Name: Beneath The Shovel Load
Throw Me Into
This World Of Pain
Watch It Tear Me Apart
Eating At My Flesh
Leaving Me For Dead
Alone, Rotting I Lay

Cold, Hollow Consumed In
Depressive Illusions

Bitter Hate Infects These Wounds
Impairing My Sense Of Freedom
Fear, My Shelter
Pain, My Home
Death, My Hope

I Dream Of Restoration
In The Midst Of Decay
More Of The Same
More Of The Same
Track Name: Left For Dead
All Alone Arriving In The Night
A Figure Awaits Ominously
Hiding In The Shadows
A Baseball Bat For The Attack
Blunt Force Will Not Settle
His Intentions Are To Kill
A New Weapon To Fulfill
His Murderous Thoughts Invading The Mind
This Demise Will Soon Follow
Victim Confuse And Swiftly Deceived
Gunned Down, Robbed
He Is Left For Dead
Everything Taken Away
Body Sits For Days
Before A Vile Discovery
Broken Family Forever Departed
Left In Question Over The Man They Once Knew
Buried Beneath, Tragedy Of The Past
Left For Dead